With our approach to Autism treatment, you no longer have to sacrifice your child’s educational needs for ABA Therapy.

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Q: Is The Hope Source a school?

A: No, The Hope Source is a therapy provider. However, due to the progress our clients made and need for less therapy over time, The Hope Source decided to partner with charter schools in 2013 to offer onsite, public education.

Q: Does The Hope Source only serve individuals with “high functioning autism”? And conversely, does The Hope Source only serve individuals with severe autism? (Yes, we hear both myths!)

A: No, we serve all severity levels. The Hope Source doesn’t believe in the high functioning or low functioning label – it does a disservice on both sides. We serve individuals across the spectrum. Due to our unique hybrid model, we tend to have a higher population of adolescents with mild ASD.

We are an ABA provider and are only limited to who we can serve by our physical building space for safety reasons. We do not feel that we are the best provider for those with severe self-injury or medical issues outside of our scope.

Q: Does The Hope Source provide ABA?

A: Yes, we are an ABA provider. However, we take a different approach to targeting goals and focus on a different set of skills than most ABA providers. We believe in others theories of psychology and treatments that may benefit our clients for positive outcomes.

Q: How do all the different clinicians collaborate?

A: The most unique part of The Hope Source is the diverse group of clinicians that oversee treatment. Licensed and certified clinicians make up a true collaborative and interprofessional team to ensure a whole child approach.

Q: What happens when a client reaches transition age?

A: Because we serve ages 5+, we have developed programs to meet the needs of our clients across the lifespan.

Q: What happens when a client reaches 21 years old?

A: A client may graduate at any age, regardless of whether they are ready at 18, 21 or 26 years old. Unfortunately, funding for therapy services may be limited after 21 years old. This will be dependent on the individual’s insurance coverage.

Q: Why is your starting age for center-based 5 years old?

A: We allow enrollment at 5 years old for center-based services. Prior to age 5, we encourage a home-based program if possible for the family. Developmentally, children learn foundational skills in the home environment and with heavily guidance from parents.

Q: Do you allow the use of communication devices?

A: Yes. Our Speech Language Pathologists may determine that a communication device is necessary to help support the self-advocacy of an individual with limited verbal expression. In many case, we prefer to build social communication skills as a prerequisite to using a device so that it is used meaningfully.

Q: What if my child doesn’t need therapy?

A: We have yet to meet an individual with ASD that doesn’t need intervention in some capacity whether it is social, emotional or cognitive. Rates of co-occurring depression reach over 70% in adolescence.  An individual does not have to exhibit aggressive behaviors to warrant treatment.

Q: Can I enroll my child just for school portion?

A: Since The Hope Source is not a school, we cannot offer education only. If you need assistance finding a school appropriate for your child, we would be happy to help.

Q: Are parents allowed to get involved?

A: Of course! While we are limited by HIPPA and FERPA, we try to provide opportunities for families to get involved in The Hope Source community.

Q: What do you use as reinforcement?

A: We use only internal reinforcement, natural consequences and in very rare cases, external reinforcement that kids may experience in school or home settings. We do not allow electronic or food reinforcement.

Q: Can my child get a diploma?

A: Yes. Through the partnership with public charter schools, our clients will be able to graduate with diploma or certificate depending on their needs and desires. The goal is to always keep the bar high and work toward a diploma if it makes sense for the client.

Q: Can parents use our own outside providers?

A: Yes and no. You are welcome to keep your outside SLP, OT, PT, counselor, behavior management consultant, as long as it doesn’t prevent billing of our services. Appointments with outside providers must be arranged in advance.

Q: Can we take the summers off?

A: No. We are a year round therapy center. In order to ensure Continuity of Care, we must maintain intervention. In addition, we hire staff based on enrollment and cannot sacrifice quality of staff by having them unemployed over the summer.

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