With our approach to Autism treatment, you no longer have to sacrifice your child’s educational needs for ABA Therapy.

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Comprehensive Diagnostic & Assessment Services

  • Initial Diagnosing of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit, Attachment and Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Comprehensive battery of tests, including the ADOS & ADI-R
  • Cognitive and Achievement Testing
  • Differential Diagnosis – clarifying diagnoses, second opinion
  • Co-morbidity: assessment for co-occurring disorders: depression, anxiety, or another neurodevelopmental disorder.
  • Independent School Evaluations by School Psychologists
  • Occupational and Speech Evaluations for a complete picture


  • Follow-up counseling and education
  • Understanding the diagnosis and prognosis
  • Available treatments options and referral sources


  • Ongoing support and guidance from our Family Service Coordinator: help with finding professionals, resources and support
  • Short or long term case management
  • Insurance and financial needs
  • Resources for immediate and extended family education
  • School advocacy
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