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ASD + Education = Options

The Hope Source: Center for Dynamic Minds partners with Options Charter School to provide students the skills they need to succeed!

Diagnostic & Assessment Services

Evaluation, Education, Empowerment!

Hopeful-Mindful Families Program

Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Challenges

Develop: The Dynamic Twelve Clinic

The Hope Source addresses the individual needs of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum with a unique approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Diagnostic & Assessment Services

THS provides a full-range of diagnostic services and comprehensive testing as well as occupational and speech evaluations.


THS partners with Options Charter Schools to offer 1:1 support, individualized coursework and accredited curricula.

Intervention Programs

Custom-tailored to the individual with center-based, home-based or community-based interventions.

Counseling Services

THS offers mental health services to better support students on the spectrum adjust to day-to-day challenges.

Supportive Services

Take a look at all of the supportive services The Hope Source has to offer!

D12 List

Big changes are in the works as we continue to develop our website! 

 We are working hard to develop website content that is educational and informative to ensure The Hope Source provides the most up-to-date resources possible. We have begun adding content to our BLOG as well as more detailed information about the services we provide for our families. 

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Latest News

Momi Yamanaka

This vs. That by Dr. Momi Yamanaka: EBP vs EBT

The Hope Source’s Dr. Momi Yamanaka will be regularly posting about various topics to differentiate and clarify between “this” vs. “that”. This is the first post in the series. Evidence-based...


Meaningful Communication: Vocal Speech, Sign Language and Assistive Devices

MYTH: My child will never develop vocal speech if they use a device or sign language to communicate. As a Speech-Language Pathologist I’ve heard this concern frequently when an Augmentative...

The Whole Child: Pretend Play for Learning

By Julie Brant Gordon, LCSW Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder struggle with appropriate play, often engaging in scripted, rigid and isolated play.  Pretend play requires foundational skills in social communication,...

Hopeful-Mindful Families: Ten Minute Togetherness

By Julie Brant Gordon One of the biggest challenges in modern day parenting is just having a moment – a moment to truly be present without thinking about everything on...

Insurance Accepted

We accept BCBS, Tricare, Prohealth, UHC, Aetna, Cigna, Humana and more! We accept Traditional Medicaid and MHS Medicaid at this time. Accepting January 2018: MdWise, Caresource and Ambetter! If you...


  Enrollment will remain open until December 1, 2017 and open February 1, 2018 for New Client-Students Ages 5-21 (K-12 Grades)

Could Your Child Benefit from a Medical Grant?

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation Medical Grants may be available for your family or for families you know! The UHCCF grants provide financial help/assistance for families with children that have medical needs not...

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