The Hope Source

Develop: The Dynamic Twelve Clinic

The Hope Source addresses the individual needs of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum with a unique approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis.

ASD + Education = Options

The Hope Source: Center for Dynamic Minds partners with Options Charter School to provide students the skills they need to succeed!

Diagnostic & Assessment Services

Evaluation, Education, Empowerment!

Hopeful-Mindful Families Program

Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Challenges

Discover: Dynamic Minds Academy

Learning with Heads, Hands & Hearts!

Diagnostic & Assessment Services

THS provides a full-range of diagnostic services and comprehensive testing as well as occupational and speech evaluations.

Behavioral Therapy

ABA the Hope Source way! Custom-tailored to the individual with center-based, home-based or community-based interventions.

Counseling Services

THS offers adjunct mental health services for support in day-to-day challenges.

Supportive Services

Take a look at all of the supportive services The Hope Source has to offer!

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