With our approach to Autism treatment, you no longer have to sacrifice your child’s educational needs for ABA Therapy.

Occupational Therapy
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Occupational therapy is a seamless integration into our program. The basis of our occupational therapists is to provide meaningful “occupation” centered experiences for the children and adolescents that we serve. Examples of childhood occupations are: developing age appropriate play skills, completing dressing, feeding and hygiene tasks independently, handwriting, and engagement in socially meaningful interactions. Adolescent occupations may include: pre-vocational/vocational training, cooking, inclusion in sport/hobby activity, and the necessary skills for independent living. A variety of interventions are used in order for children/adolescents to achieve full independence in these areas and a plan of care will be developed to personally best serve your child and your family.

Outpatient occupational therapy is available upon recommendation as we well and requires physician authorization. The goal of our outpatient therapy program is to bridge learned skills from the day program to carryover for improved home function. However, participation in the day program is not required as evaluation of your child’s abilities are assessed separately. Further emphasis is placed on activities of daily living, sensory behaviors affecting home function and community integration.

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