episodic memory

The Purple Philosophy: Episodic Memory 

When a child experience success, they develop memories that they can retrieve when faced with similar situations. This is called Episodic Memory – one of our memories impacted by ASD.

When you have experiences that are meaningful, they become a part of you. And when something is a part of you, you can more readily access it to apply it to your past, present and future experiences. Episodic Memory gives you sense of self; It gives you roots.

When a behavior intervention has a strong Episodic Memory focus as its internal reinforcement, then generalization isn’t a problem. If you are able to retrieve meaningful past experiences and apply them to your current situation, competence increases, problem solving increases and anxiety decreases.

Can you imagine if you didn’t have strong Episodic Memory? EVERY experience would be NEW! And thus, quite scary.

Intervention must focus on helping an individual discover what is important (the treatment goal in this case) from an experience. Then, continue to help them relate, retrieve and reapply what they learned in SIMILAR experiences that they encounter. Over time, they will begin to build a sense of self and the competence to tackle any situation they encounter.

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